Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The sunflower that survived the cow

Only a few leaves are left at the top of the stalk, which is splinted with a stake and string.

The bees are enjoying the flower. We're rooting for a full head of seeds.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Out, out, darn cow

Jan 30 - The garden was looking good! We were beginning to pick beans, and there were greens to pick every day. The sunflower plant was shooting up higher every day.

Feb 13 - We return from two days off the farm to this sad picture. One cow managed to get onto our property and ate her way through our garden, pulling down the sunflower, devouring all the bean plants and the manioc leaves, as well as the tips of many other plants. Her favorite? she went through three different gardens and took the tops of each corn plant, ruining those in the garden in the photo. We see the other corn coming back. 

We rescued the sunflower by straightening it back up and giving it a splint. I'll post a photo soon.

Guy has strung barbed wire across the path the cow took. He hates barbed wire, calls it the wire from hell, but it works.

Check again soon for the exciting story of the scythe.